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"This is my sweet Gracie. Last Monday, Gracie was hit by a car. We took her to the local vet, and they said it was beyond what they could do. She had fractures in her left hip, and it was also dislocated. By the grace of God, Dr. Crowe at RIVER agreed to do her surgery. This is Gracie back at home with us. She still has a long road to recovery, but the wonderful staff at RIVER saved her life. My husband and I are forever grateful!!" - Lacey R.

"Kiska and I just want to say a huge Thank you to all the docs and techs that cared for her during her hospital stay and took all my phone calls and answered all my questions :-) She was pretty tired her first day home, but seems to be getting very much back to her old self today. You are more appreciated than you know!" - Pepper O.

"This is Sugar Plum who was found in a ditch after a facebook post and a sign that said "Hurt Dog". She had surgery at another vets office but I was not comfortable with their staff and the way they treated me as the responsible party for Sugar. I called RIVER to transfer her less than 24 hours after pelvis surgery, expressed my concerns with them! They accepted us with opened arms! Sugar Plum is resting at home and we will be do all recovery through RIVER! The staff here is excellent and friendly! The specialist gave me more information in 15 mins than I had received at the other vet in 2 days!
Pictured is Dr. Lane who ROCKS! (He also took care of another dog I brought in a few months back, just can't rave enough about the staff and quality of care)." - Katie C.

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In late April, my black pug, Hazel was admitted to your facility on a Saturday night with a diagnosis of ketoacidosis. Due to the expert and caring treatment she received during her 5 days there, she not only survived but has been doing better than she has in several years. Not only does she look years younger, but also acts like she feels great. Thanks to all of you." - Jeff G.

"Just want to say THANK YOU so much for the care that Whisper received at RIVER. You were so kind and understanding as we were so afraid we would not be bringing her back home. She is doing great and back to normal. We are so glad you were there when we needed guys are awesome." - Sharon D.