Regional Institute for Veterinary Emergencies & Referrals

2132 Amnicola Hwy Chattanooga, TN 37406

Phone : 423-698-4612

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Internship Program

R.I.V.E.R. is a 24-hour critical care emergency practice with internal medicine, soft tissue, orthopedic and neurological surgery, neurology, and rehabilitation services available. Our emergency department is ready to handle any and all types of emergencies. Our ICU provides the maximum level of care and technology for critically ill pets. At any time, referring hospitals may transfer pets to our ICU for overnight or around-the-clock care to be transferred back to the referring veterinarian once the patient is stable.

Our hospital is well equipped and staffed with a highly trained technical staff. We have an in-house reference lab (Antech Lab onsite) in addition to a full range of emergency diagnostic equipment to perform CBCs, chemistries, electrolytes, blood gases, coagulation tests, cortisol, T4, bile acids, and numerous snap tests for parvo, FeLV/FIV/HW, 4DX, FPLi, CPLi, BNP etc. Imaging includes digital radiography, fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and endoscopy with both rigid and fiberoptic scopes.

Our ICU is well equipped with ICU oxygen cages, numerous nasal oxygen extensions, long term ventilator, ECGs, blood pressure monitors (both invasive and non-invasive), CVP monitors, Doppler monitors, SpO2 monitors, ETCO2 monitors, IV pumps, syringe pumps, warming blankets, etc. Surgery is equipped for emergency and specialized soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.

R.I.V.E.R. maintains a blood bank to supply needed transfusion products. We are also 1 of 11 hospitals in the country and 1 of 2 hospitals in Tennessee to have a hyperbarics oxygen chamber. We have access to onsite rehabilitation with an underwater treadmill, electrical stimulation, and laser therapy.

Medical records and patient flow sheets are electronic and maintained in a problem-oriented format. Each record is also expected to present a method of pain control and nutritional plan (enteral or parental) as these are considered important components of the every patient’s treatment plan. Medical records performed by interns will be reviewed by a mentor for completeness as well as to give suggestions for patient care.

Interns will gain experience in surgeries by assisting and then being supervised in surgery with the expectation that they can do non-complicated surgery alone by the end of the year. The internship program is geared to those graduates who want experience in emergency, critical care, and surgery. Our objective is to educate interns while maintaining referral caliber patient, client and referring veterinary care.

To apply for an internship at R.I.V.E.R., please visit the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program (VIRMP) website at Applications are available starting in October each year.

Supporting faculty consists of board certified and experienced emergency veterinarians:

Cheryl Braswell, DVM, DACVECC
Mark Bohling DVM, MS, DACVS
P.K. Hendrix MS, DVM, DACVA
Elizabeth Shull DVM, DACVIM (neurology and behavior)
Sallye Gregg DVM, Residency trained (emergency and critical care)
Melissa Mays DVM
Cassie Englert PT, CCRP